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The story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow - their
love, their desperate killings and their destruction in
an explosion of gunfire - has fueled an American
legend for over 75 years.

See all the Dallas sites of Bonnie and Clyde, including
their graves, the Barrow Star Gas Station, the cafes
where Bonnie worked as a waitress, the house where
Clyde killed a deputy sheriff and much more.  During
the tour, You will hear real stories and see photos of
the time.

DFW Historical Tours has two guides.  These guides
were raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and have been
historians for many years, making them well qualified.
Bonnie and Clyde
The following is a list of what I offer on the Bonnie and Clyde Tour.  I recommend that you
read over this list before calling to schedule your tour.
The Secret Place
Lillie McBride's Home
Easgle Ford School
Barrow Filling Station
Basic Tour (3 hours)

Bonnie Parker's grave

Clyde Barrow's grave

Neighborhood where the Barrows' home was located

Barrow Star Gas Station

Raymond and Floyd Hamilton's home

Lillie McBride's home (location where Clyde Barrow
killed Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis)

The bridge in Eagle Ford, Texas, known as "The Back
Door," the entry point to West Dallas

Eagle Ford School where Bonnie Parker was a student

Old Ft. Worth Pike

Locations of cafes where Bonnie Parker worked

Hargraves Cafe where Bonnie Parker worked (still

Location of glass company where Clyde Barrow

Building formerly known as Sparkman-Holtz-Brand
Funeral Home where Clyde Barrow's funeral was held

Additional sites available for expanded tour:

Locations of Clyde Barrow's employment (Nu-Grape
Bottling Company and Procter & Gamble)

Emma Parker's residence (Bonnie's mother)

Blanche Barrow's grave

Graves of Clyde's sisters

Ed Wheeler's grave (Texas Highway Patrolman killed
on Easter Sunday)

Bob Alcorn's grave (Dallas County Deputy Sheriff and
one of the six officers that killed Bonnie and Clyde)

Location of Bonnie's funeral (McKamy-Campbell
Funeral Home)

Location in Grapevine where Texas Highway
Patrolmen Ed Wheeler and H.D. Murphy were killed
Eagle Ford School
Lillie McBride's Home
Eagle Ford Bridge
Barrow Star Gas Station
Clyde Barrow's Grave